Prof. Simon Rondeau-Gagné

2005-2008   B.Sc. Chemistry, Université du Québec


2008-2010   M.Sc. Chemistry, Université Laval

                      Groups of Profs. Jean-François Morin                                       & Mario Leclerc


2010-2014   Ph.D. Chemistry, Université Laval

                      Group of Prof. Jean-François Morin


2014-2016  Post-doc Chem. Eng., Stanford University

                     Group of Prof. Zhenan Bao


2016-now   Assistant Prof. University of Windsor

                     Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry 

Postdoctoral Fellows

Nastaran Yousefi, PhD (2021 - )

Dr. Yousefi will be completing a PhD in Physical Chemistry in Winter 2021 at Simon Fraser University under the supervision of Prof. Loren Kaake. During her PhD, Nas developed novel methods to process various electroactive materials through supercritical fluid deposition and also investigated its effect on multiple properties, including crystallinity and solid-state microstructure. Nas will be joining the R-G group in Spring 2021 to use her expertise in materials processing and physical chemistry towards the development of mechanically robust sensors for various biomolecules based on organic thin film transistors. This project will be performed in collaboration with Drs. Yufeng Tong, Mitra Mirhassani and Jalal Ahamed. 

Joseph Bautista, PhD (2020 - )

Dr. Bautista completed a PhD in Chemistry at Memorial University in 2019. During his PhD, Joseph evaluated the long range transport of polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) and their natural analogues determined through size‐resolved aerosols, and levels in Atlantic Ocean fish from Newfoundland coasts. His research are currently performed in partnership with Cannalabs, where he develops novel extraction and analytical methods for cannabinoids

Kenson Ambrose, PhD (2020 - )

Dr. Ambrose completed a PhD in Chemistry at Memorial University, were he works in ligand design, organometallic chemistry, catalysis, and polymer chemistry. Kenson joined the Vukotic and R.-G. groups in Summer 2020. His research are currently at the interface of polymer processing and materials chemistry, to develop novel polymer blends for drug delivery and electroactive well-defined molecular assemblies.

M. Nazir Tahir, PhD (2017 - )

Dr. Tahir completed a PhD in Chemistry at the Institute of Food Chemistry (Institut für Lebensmittelchemie), University of Technology (TU) Braunschweig, Germany under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Petra Mischnick. After several research experiences as postdoc, Nazir joined the Rondeau-Gagné research group in Spring 2017. In the group, his research focuses on the development of novel formulation for cannabinoids, in collaboration with the group of Prof. John Trant. 

PhD Candidates

Michael Ocheje, B.Sc. (2016 - )

Michael joined the Rondeau-Gagné research group in Fall 2016 after completing his bachelor degree in chemistry (Honours) at the University of Windsor. During his undergraduate studies, he worked in the laboratory of Prof. James W. Gauld at the University of Windsor. His research focused on the computational analysis of the catalytic mechanism for Lysyl-AMP and hHINT1. In the Rondeau-Gagné group, he is currently focusing his research on the development of novel stretchable and self-healable organic semiconductors by introducing non-covalent bonding moiteties in conjugated polymers.

Adit Nyayachavadi, B.Sc. (2016 - )

Adit joined the Rondeau-Gagné research group in Fall 2016 after completing his bachelor degree in chemistry (Honours) at the University of Windsor. During his undergraduate studies, he worked in the laboratory of Prof. Jichang Wang at the University of Windsor. His research focused on the electrochemical detection of various small organic molecules with L-ascorbic acid modified glassy carbon electrode. In the Rondeau-Gagné group, he is currently focusing his research on polymer crosslinking methodologies by using photo and thermal polymerizations. 

Blake St. Onge, B. Sc (2018 - )

Blake joined the Rondeau-Gagné group in Summer 2018 after completing his bachelor degree in chemistry (Honours) at U. Windsor. As an undergraduate researcher, Blake worked on the utilization of pincer Ligands for the complexation of group 13, 14 and 15 main group elements. In the Rondeau-Gagné group, he is currently using the knowledge gained from his undergraduate research to develop new degradable and stretchable conjugated polymers

Madison Mooney, B. Sc (2019 - )

Madison joined the Rondeau-Gagné group in Summer 2019 after completing a Honours B.Sc. degree in Chemistry and Anthropology at Trent University. As an undergraduate student, Madison developed a strong set of skills cross-over between organic and green chemistry. Moreover, Madison have been actively involved in chemical education, offering her knowledge of chemical and anthropological research methods, teaching experience, and communication skills to the academic advancement of organic chemistry. In the Rondeau-Gagné group, Madison is currently focusing her research on the development of new, green and eco-friendly semiconductors. She also investigates the use of these new materials for the design of greener, fully printed technologies as part of the NSERC Green Electronic Network

Gage Mason, M. Sc (2020 - )

Gage joined the Rondeau-Gagné group in Fall 2017 as undergraduate research working on the gelation of electroactive molecules. After successfully completing his degree in chemistry (Honours), Gage decided to take his research to the next level, and began a M.Sc degree in Summer 2018, which he completed in 2020. His M.Sc work focused on the design and preparation of novel semiconducting polymer nanoparticles. In the Rondeau-Gagné group, he now is currently focusing on the development and design of new eco-friendly and environmentally-benign dendronized polymers.

M.Sc Candidates

Susanna Vu, B. Sc (2020 - )

Susanna joined the Rondeau-Gagné group in Fall 2020 after completing a B.Sc at Ryerson University. As an undergraduate researcher, Susanna worked on the synthesis of antimicrobial polymers under the supervision of Dr. Daniel A. Foucher at Ryerson's Advanced Inorganic and Synthetic Materials Lab. For her M.Sc, under the co-supervision with the Trant Team, she is focusing her research on the development of new self-immolative polymers to be utilized as green and degradable materials for next generation (bio)organic electronics. 

Piumi Kulatunga, B. Sc (2021 - )

Piumi joined the Rondeau-Gagné group in Winter 2021 after completing a B.Sc at the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. During her undergraduate degree, she worked under the supervision of Dr. Subashini Gunathilake and developed a new method for the removal of organic dyes from aqueous solutions by using polyethylenimine/sawdust composites. In the R-G group, Piumi combines her interests in analytical, polymer and organic chemistry and investigates polymer blending as an effective strategy to develop new stretchable and self-healing semiconductors for applications in organic electronics.

Undergraduate Researchers​

Renée Goodman (2018 - )
Kirsten Aasen (2019 - )
Deanna Fisher (2020 - )
Aleena Malik (2018 - )
Anita Hu (2020 - )
Daniella Skaf (2020 - )
Monika Kojic (2019 - )
Robert Moy (2020 - )
Katerina Iakovidis (2020- )


Mah-Noor Malik (2018-2020) - Undergraduate Researcher
Madhu Yadiki (2018-2020) - Undergraduate Researcher
Dr. Adam Langlois (2018-2020) - Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Matthew Coady (2019-2020) - Postdoctoral Fellow
Julia Pignanelli (2018-2020) - Graduate Student (M.Sc)
Aneeta Younus (2018-2020) - Undergraduate Researcher 
Mehdi Rezapour (2018-2019) - Visiting scholar, Persian Gulf University, Iran
Mariia Selivanova (2017-2019) - Graduate student (M.Sc)
Lenaic Soulard (2019) - Visiting Student, ENSCBP Bordeaux, France
Dican Hou (2019)- MITACS Globalinks Visiting Student
Zeynep Atkas (2019) - Undergraduate Researcher
Mike Dang (2019) - Undergraduate Researcher
Michaela Prado (2019) - MITACS Globalinks Visiting Student 
Blandine Billet (2018) - Visiting Student, ENSCBP Bordeaux, France

Brynn Charron (2016-2018) - Outstanding Scholar and NSERC USRA Undergraduate Researcher

Kacper Wojtkiewicz (2016-2018) - Undergraduate Researcher

Suendues Noori (2016- 2018) - Undergraduate Researcher

Rahul Jayachandiran (2018) - Outstanding Scholar and NSERC USRA Undergraduate Researcher

Thi Hai Van Nguyen (2017) - Visiting Student, ENSCBP Bordeaux, France

Dr. Mohammad Mohiudin (2016) - Postdoctoral Fellow, Co-supervised with Prof. Jalal Ahamed

Renée St-Louis (2017) - Undergraduate Researcher

Aleksandar Jezdic (2016) - Undergraduate Researcher 

The Rondeau-Gagné Research Group is recruiting undergraduate and graduate students. Leave a message to Dr. Rondeau-Gagné if you are interested! 

University of Windsor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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