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Dr. Simon Rondeau-Gagne

2005-2008   B.Sc. Chemistry, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi 


2008-2010   M.Sc. Chemistry, Université Laval

                      Groups of Profs. Jean-François Morin & Mario Leclerc       


2010-2014   Ph.D. Chemistry, Université Laval

                      Group of Prof. Jean-François Morin


2014-2016  Post-doc Chem. Eng., Stanford University

                     Group of Prof. Zhenan Bao


2016-2021   Assistant Prof. University of Windsor

                     Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry 

2021-now   Associate Prof. University of Windsor

                     Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry 


Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Associates


M. Nazir Tahir, PhD (2017 - )

Dr. Tahir completed a PhD in Chemistry at the Institute of Food Chemistry (Institut für Lebensmittelchemie), University of Technology (TU) Braunschweig, Germany under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Petra Mischnick. After several research experiences as postdoc, Nazir joined the Rondeau-Gagné research group in Spring 2017. In the group, his research focuses on the development of novel formulation for cannabinoids, in collaboration with the group of Prof. John Trant. 

Adam headshot 2.jpg

Adam Pollit, PhD (2021 - )

Dr. Pollit recently completed his PhD under the supervision of Dwight Seferos at the University of Toronto, where his research interests were in the controlled synthesis of electron-deficient π-conjugated polymer acceptors for organic photovoltaic applications. Adam will join the R-G group in Winter 2021 where he will use his expertise to develop a novel strategy to increase the solubility of fullerenes in common organic solvents. This strategy not only will give access to innovative methods to functionalize C60, but will also enable C60 to be solution processed during electronic device fabrication, facilitating the development of large-area devices and preparation of desirable bulk heterojunction morphologies in organic photovoltaics.


Tiago Carneiro Gomes, PhD (2022 - )

Dr. Gomes is Teacher of Physics and Doctor of Science and Technology of Materials by São Paulo State University, Brazil. He has hands-on experience in fabrication of printed electronics devices, processing and printing of electronic materials, paper electronics and optimization of materials and devices. Currently, Dr. Gomes is interested in the Sustainable Printed Electronics field. In Winter 2022 he joined the groups of Drs Simon Rondeau-Gagné and Tricia B. Carmichael to put in practice his expertise to develop Printed Organic Electronics Devices based on a novel Green Materials.


Garima Garg, PhD (2022 - )

Dr. Garg completed a PhD in Process Engineering & Environment at Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse. During her PhD, Garima developed novel nanocatalysts and nanomaterials, and investigated their processing in environmental-friendly media through the development of green bio-sourced, biodegradable solvents, and supercritical CO2. Garima joined the R-G group in Spring 2022. Her research in our team focus on the development of new industrial processing methods for biopolymers

110 (2).JPG

Fatima Zadeh, M.Sc (2022 - )

Fatima completed her Master’s degree at Azad University - Pharmaceutical Division, Iran , specializing in applied chemistry. She has been involved as a research assistant in our lab since June 2022. Her primary focus in the lab revolves around the fabrication of electronic devices, where she is contributing to research projects and optimizing manufacturing processes to enhance device performance.


Lina Rose, PhD (2023 - )

Lina has a PhD in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering from Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, India, April 2022. She worked as an Assistant professor with more than 8 years of experience in teaching undergraduate and post graduate students and 5 years in academic research. She is engaged in design and development of sensors for water quantity and quality analysis. Currently working as Post doctoral fellow in Rondeau-Gagné Research Group and MicroNanoSystems Research Group at the University of Windsor, with research interests in soft sensors, flexible electronics, micro fluidic sensors and nano sensors for industrial and healthcare applications.

PhD Candidates

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Madison Mooney, BSc (2019 - )

Madison joined the Rondeau-Gagné group in Summer 2019 after completing a Honours B.Sc. degree in Chemistry and Anthropology at Trent University. As an undergraduate student, Madison developed a strong set of skills cross-over between organic and green chemistry. Moreover, Madison have been actively involved in chemical education, offering her knowledge of chemical and anthropological research methods, teaching experience, and communication skills to the academic advancement of organic chemistry. In the Rondeau-Gagné group, Madison is currently focusing her research on the development of new, green and eco-friendly semiconductors. She also investigates the use of these new materials for the design of greener, fully printed technologies as part of the NSERC Green Electronic Network


Gage Mason, MSc (2020 - )

Gage joined the Rondeau-Gagné group in Fall 2017 as undergraduate research working on the gelation of electroactive molecules. After successfully completing his degree in chemistry (Honours), Gage decided to take his research to the next level, and began a M.Sc degree in Summer 2018, which he completed in 2020. His M.Sc work focused on the design and preparation of novel semiconducting polymer nanoparticles. In the Rondeau-Gagné group, he now is currently focusing on the development and design of new eco-friendly and environmentally-benign dendronized polymers.


Angela Awada, MSc (2021 - )

Angela completed her Master's degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Windsor under the supervision of Prof. Bulent Mutus. Her M.Sc work focused on the development of new methods for the fluorescent determination of inorganic phosphate and phospho-protein. Angela joined the Rondeau-Gagné group in Fall 2021, where she'll have the opportunity to use her knowledge of fluorescence and related phenomenon to design and develop advanced semiconductors for novel applications, including for the capture and quantification of microplastics and for the fabrication of intrinsically stretchable organic electronics. 


Piumi Kulatunga, BSc (2021 - )

Piumi joined the Rondeau-Gagné group in Winter 2021 after completing a B.Sc at the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. During her undergraduate degree, she worked under the supervision of Dr. Subashini Gunathilake and developed a new method for the removal of organic dyes from aqueous solutions by using polyethylenimine/sawdust composites. In the R-G group, Piumi combines her interests in analytical, polymer and organic chemistry and investigates polymer blending as an effective strategy to develop new stretchable and self-healing semiconductors for applications in organic electronics.


Fatemeh Motaghedi, MSc (2022 - )

Fatemeh completed her Master's degree in Chemical Engineering at Shiraz University, Iran. Her M.Sc work focused on the experimental investigation of COD and ammonia removal from industrial waste water. After a short visit at Wilfrid Laurier University where she worked as a research assistant in the laboratory of Prof. Hind Al-Abadleh, Fatemeh joined the Rondeau-Gagné group in Winter 2022, where she will focus her work on the development of novel stretchable and self-healing dielectric materials and their integration into wearable sensing devices.  


Mark Potter, BSc (2022 - )

Mark joined the R-G group in Summer 2022 as a PhD student after completing a B.Sc at the University of Windsor. His initial interests focused on fluorescence spectroscopy, and biochemical sciences.  For his PhD, under the co-supervision with the Mutus group, he is focusing his research on the development of novel fluorescent-based detection techniques for microplastics and gases based on π-conjugated polymer films and nanoparticles

MSc Candidates


Amit Sur, BSc (2022 - )

Amit continued his research journey in the Rondeau-Gagné group in Fall 2022 after completing a B.Sc in Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Windsor. As an Honours student in the R-G group, his research focused on the photocrosslinking of soft semiconductors with polydiacetylene. In his M.Sc, will build from his experience with polydiacetylenes and conjugated polymers to further investigate the development of hybrid materials with enhanced mechanical properties and charge transport in organic electronics. 

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Rachael Warner, BSc (2023 - )

Rachael decided to continue her research in SRG starting in Summer 2023 after completing a Bachelors degree in Chemistry at the University of Windsor. As an undergrad researcher, Ray focused on the design and synthesis of novel high-performance organic semiconducting polymers for transistor applications. Building from this work, Rachael's M.Sc work focuses on the design of novel isoindigo based semiconducting polymers towards more efficient stretchable electronics.


Deanna Fisher, BSc (2023 - )

Deanna is continuing her research in the Rondeau-Gagné group in Fall 2023 after completing a bachelor's degree in Forensic Science (Microbiology and Biochemistry) at the University of Windsor in Spring 2023. In the completion of her undergraduate thesis in SRG lab, she worked with polydiacetylene polymers to create a sensor for volatile organic compounds released during cadaveric decomposition. Deanna will continue her work with polymers and sensing by working on fluorescent-based detection techniques for gases. 

Undergraduate Researchers


Tala Seifi

2022 - 


Josie Eid

2023 - 

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Lauren Pandolfi

2023 - 


Lindsay Boshart

2023 - 


Kevin Saba

2023 - 


Jaida Ball

2023 - 

The Rondeau-Gagné Research Group is recruiting undergraduate and graduate students.
Leave a message to Dr. Rondeau-Gagné if you are interested! 

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