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Mooney, M.; Nyayachavadi, A.; Awada, A.; Iakovidis, E.; Wang, Y.; Chen, M.-C.; Liu, Y.; Xu, J.; Chiu, Y.-C.; Gu, X.; Rondeau-Gagné, S. Asymmetric Side-Chain Engineering in Semiconducting Polymers for Greener Processable and Functional Organic Electronics, Polym. Chem. 2023, 14, 562-572.  Invited Contribution to Polymer Chemistry Emerging Investigators Series.


Cao, Z.; Li, Z.; Tolba, S. A.; Mason, G. T.; Xiong, M.; Ocheje, M. U.; Alesadi, A.; Do, C.; Hong, K.; Lei, T.; Rondeau-Gagné, S.; Xia, W.; Gu, X. Probing Single-chain Conformation and Its Impact on Optoelectronic Properties in Donor-Acceptor Conjugated Polymers, J. Mater. Chem. A, 2023, 11, 12928Invited Contribution to Themed Issue: Celebrating ten years of Journal of Materials Chemistry A


Das, P. S.; Uddin Ahmed, H. E; Motaghedi, F.; Lester, N. J.; Khalil, A.; Al Janaideh, M.; Anees, S.; Carmichael, T. B.; Bain, A. R.; Rondeau-Gagné, S.; Ahamed, M .J. A Wearable Multisensor Patch for Breathing Pattern Recognition, IEEE Sensors, 2023, 23, 10924 - 10934.  


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Skaf, D.; Carneiro Gomes, T.; Majidzadeh, R.; Hussein, R.; Carmichael, T. B.; Rondeau-Gagné, S. Shellac as Dielectric Materials in Organic Field-Effect Transistors: From Silicon to Paper SubstratesFlex. Print. Electron. 2023, 8, 024002. Published in Special Issue: Focus on Green Printed Electronics. 

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Cao, Z.; Tolba, S. A.; Li, Z.; Mason, G. T.; Wang, Y.; Do, C.; Rondeau-Gagné, S.; Xia, W.; Gu, X. Molecular Structure and Conformational Design of Donor-Acceptor Conjugated Polymers to Enable Predictable Optoelectronic Property, Adv. Mater., 2023, 2302178.  


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