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Academic Publications 

- Tahir, M. N.; Ocheje, M.; Wojtkiewicz, K. and Rondeau-Gagné, S. "Self-Healing: Concepts, Materials and Applications", published in Advanced Materials, ed. Theodorus G. M. van de Ven and Armand Soldera, De Gruyter, January 2019

- Rondeau-Gagné, S.; Morin, J.-F. "Fullerenes, Graphenes and their Application in Functional Materials", published in Advanced Materials Development: Moving from Structural Properties towards Specialized Functions, De Gruyter, October 2014


- Pignanelli, J.; Rondeau-Gagné, S.; Ahamed, M. J. Stretchable, Degradable and Self-Healing Polymers through a Combination of Imine Bonds and Metal Coordination. US2019/62894036

- Pignanelli, J.; Rondeau-Gagné, S.; Ahamed, M. J. Method of Fabricating Flexible Pressure Sensor. US2018/62767314

- Rondeau-Gagné, S.; Chiu, Y.-C.; Oh, J.Y.; Schroeder, B. C.; Lee, S.; Lissel, F.; Chung, J. W.; Bao, Z. Incorporation of Non-Conjugated Dynamic Bonding Moieties in Conjugated Polymers

Backbones for Stretchability Enhancement and Self-Healing Properties. Filled by Samsung Electronics jointly with Stanford University. US2017/0346013A1

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