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Interested in joining us? Check out the newest research opportunities in our group!

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Our group is multidisciplinary, and all team members are exposed to or involved in several aspects of materials science; organic synthesis, polymer chemistry, material characterization, and electronic device fabrication are all examples. Come and join us, imagination is the only limit!  

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Current Opportunities (Last update: July 2024)
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The University of Windsor is a comprehensive research and teaching institution with more than 16,000 students. We are a welcoming community committed to equity and diversity in our teaching, learning, and work environments.


In our group, diversity and inclusion are core principles. We encourage all qualified candidates to apply and self-identify, regardless of their background. We specifically welcome applications from individuals who belong to ethnic, religious, sexual, disability, and gender minorities, as well as first-generation university students. We recognize the unique challenges faced by many and are committed to supporting those who have encountered obstacles that have hindered their education and productivity. Your diverse experiences and perspectives are valued and vital to our collective success.

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