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  • Simon Rondeau-Gagné

Congrats to the R-G group most recent graduates

Join us to congratulate the most recent PhD graduate students from the R-G group and celebrate their resilience, creativity and outstanding achievements!

Blake St. Onge, December 2023

Big congrats to Dr. St-Onge who successfully defended his thesis titled: "Dynamic Metal-Ligand Interactions in Semiconducting π-Conjugated Materials" last December.


Following this outstanding achievement, Blake started on a new chapter at NextStar Energy!

Madison Mooney, May 2024

Heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Madison Mooney, who successfully defended her thesis titled: "Sustainability by Design: Carbohydrate Side Chain Engineering for Greener Semiconducting Polymers in Organic Electronics" in May 2024


The entire team takes pride in her achievement and extends their best wishes for her upcoming journey in the next phase of her career. Starting in the autumn of 2024, Madison will embark on a new chapter at Stanford University, as an NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow in the group of Prof. Zhenan Bao.

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