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  • Simon Rondeau-Gagné

R-G Group News Roundup

The blog admin has been a bit slow in releasing news this year, so here is a roundup of exciting updates from the team!

  • Congratulations to Angela Awada for being awarded the Faculty of Science Graduate Assistant Excellence Award. Angela received this outstanding accolade at the Spring Shoutout Ceremony last April. Well done, Angela!

  • Congratulations to Rachael Warner for being awarded a prestigious NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarship - Master 2024. Rachael's outstanding work on the preparation of novel asymmetric semiconducting polymers will continue at the PhD level in Fall 2024. Sincere congratulations also to Gage Mason and Angela Awada for being awarded an Ontario Graduate Scholarship 2024. Congratulations to all three for obtaining such recognition. The entire team is very proud!

  • Welcome to our new visiting scholars for Summer 2024! This year, we have the pleasure of hosting Surya and Maneesh, both visiting through the MITACS Globalinks program. We are also delighted to welcome Chloé Lisowski from the École d'Ingénieur de Bordeaux (ENSCBP). Join us in welcoming them and wishing them a summer filled with outstanding science and discoveries!

  • Last month, the "Microplastic Days @ Windsor" event took place, where our team hosted a special workshop on microplastics detection and identification using novel conjugated polymer nanoparticles. A big thanks to Mark and Angela for organizing this unique tech transfer workshop, and to our long-term collaborators and friends from Wilson Analyticals!

  • The R-G group was well represented at the Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition (CSC 2024) in Winnipeg! First, Mark discussed our recent work on fluorescence-based detection of formic acid, a key player as a liquid organic hydrogen carrier. This is a great collaborative effort with the groups of Marcus W. Drover at Western University and Bulent Mutus at Dalhousie University/University of Windsor. Then, Amit discussed the topochemical crosslinking of semiconducting polymers with polydiacetylene and its impact on organic electronics. The entire team is very thankful for their representation and proud of them for their awesome talks

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